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Toshiba 3210SD phone 10 button for use on Toshiba digital phone systems available in charcoal or white

Product Summary

 10 Programmable buttons

 2 Line LCD

 Speaker Phone

Price: call

The Toshiba 3210SD comes with 10 programmable buttons to be used for intercom line and feature keys. The 3210SD has 7 fixed buttons Speaker, Microphone mute, Conference/Transfer, Redial, Speed dial, Hold and Message Waiting as well as a volume up down button that controls handset volume, ringer volume and speaker volume. The 3210SD has a 2line display with 4 soft keys that allow call controls such as page or transfer and also allow for play, save and delete when connected to Toshiba Voicemail with SMDI.

Toshiba 3210SD

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